VioGemini woman shines with thousand faces. She is aware of her beauty and seduction…She is independent, cosmopolitan and sophisticated…

VioGemini mixes the cold and the warm. Perfect synthesis of natural and artificial: silk, cotton, wool, fur, plastic and metallic sequins, crystals and glass beads. All skillfully mixed together are resulting in elegant and sexy, but in the same time not vulgar looks.

Sparkling like Dom Perignon dresses, crocheted with fine cotton and silk yarn are embroidered with multitude of sequins, Swarovski crystals and delicate caressing fur, deep plunging back lines are defined by transparencies and fine beaded straps; diamond shapes, cut-outs and stars draw attention to the body and skin creating diva evening wear for clubbing.

Wool jackets and capes are embroidered with metallic and plastic sequins; the shoulders are enhanced with pleats and smocks.

Color pallet of natural snow, ice, coal gray and black colors creates stylish and contemporary collection.

VioGemini designer Violetta Vieux adores working with women loving new and independent style with a visible creativity.